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Bluetooth internet

Kay T

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Hello people!


While I was trying to connect my notebook (hackintosh 10.4.8) to my main pc (winXP) via bluetooth so that I could browse the internet from my notebook, I ran into troubles.

First of all, I had no idea why everytime I wanted to set up the bluetooth connection, everything looks like my "mac" see it as if it was some king of bluetooth modem. It asked me to enter the phone number, account name, password, etc..

While searching the forum, I found a clue in this topic saying that I shoud do something with tty.Bluetooth-Internet. In terminal I browsed to /dev folder, and typed ls tty.Bluetooth* and I got this:




So, as you can see I do not have any Bluetooth-Internet :P And I believe this is the reason why I get bluetooth settings like telephone number, etc., and I cannot connect to my main PC and get to internet.


Is there a way to solve it?


Also, this is my bluetooth profile:



Thanx in advance!

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