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Will OS X Run on My Machine

Scott V Saunders

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I have tried and failed on many occasions to install a version of OSX on my machine, the most common problem is that none of the USB's seem to want to work - when I go to the "about my mac" screen and select system information, the screen tells me that my USB hubs have been found however none of the devices attached to them seen to either work or be recognised. The details of what I have got are below :


AMD x 2 4200 (2.58MHZ)

Foxconn C51 Motherboard (Nforce 590 or 690 on Vista for some reason)

4 x 1GB DDR2 533MHZ Ram

2 x Sata Drives

1 x IDE Drive (Slave)

1 x Sony DL120 DVD (Master)

1 x Nvidia 7600GT 256MB Graphics Card.


I have tried the tubgirl version and it will not install, I get the standard ebios or whatever error message it was on boot up, or I get a Nvidia Network error message again on the boot up screen.


Help - I hate windows and need to get rid of it!



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