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JaS 10.4.8 Boot-Up Problems


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Hi everyone, this my first time posting on the site although I often drop by here to read the latest and greatest.

Anyhow, I bought a new PC and am planning on using my old machine as Mac. I just Mac on it no dual-boot or anything. So its a fully formatted (journaled) hard drive.

In the options before installing I tried various settings but none of them seem to work. It just freezes at boot up and a little image of a circle with a diagonal line trough it pops up.

Now for some specs:


AMD 64-bit 3200+ Venice

1gb ddr Kingston Hyper X

Abit AN8 Fatal1ty Mainboard

Maxtor 160gb hard drive

Asus X850XT Platinum Edition (PCI-E)


Now I was thinking that most likeley something is wrong with my hardware I just dont know what. Maybe you guys could help me out?


Thanks in advance



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