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on 10.4.10 after ntfs-3g and macfuse installation boot freezes


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My System:

asrock nvidia nforce4 mobo

1 gb ram

onboard graphics 6150

amd x2 64 3800

hdd1: 400gb s-ata

hdd2: 160gb p-ata

sound: onboard + Line6 toneport

no name usb w-lan stick


On hdd1: 2 partitions, 1 w/ winxp pro sp2, one with data

on hdd2: 3 partitions, 1 with linux, one with tubgirl 10.4.10. one for data.


First of all, I have to say, tubgirl's image was the first out of so many I tried that actually worked, from the beginning. The best way this installations worked for me, to just install the data, no printer drivers, no x11, no other hacked drivers.


But now I ran into a problem that keeps getting bigger and bigger.


TO have access to partition 3 on hdd (ntfs formatted) I downloaded ntfs-3f and macfuse. First, Installed macfuse then ntfs-3g. Now when I boot up, I get up to the passwort entry part in the GUI, then all I see is the empty desktop and the dock. I can move the mouse pointer, but the dock is frozen, there is no title bar and no icons on the desktop. Hoe do I fix this?


Furthermore, after freezing, when I turn off the computer and turn it back on, it hangs forever on the bios boot screen, and in windows it does not recognize the wln stick unless I unplug it and replug it. I think the boot hanging and the windows problem have something so to with osx not properly shutting down the usb devices. After 30 seconds or so on the boot bios screen My toneport blinks, the way it does when I shut down my computer, and then the boot process starts.


Also, I'm getting a new diskarb error.

Where it used to be "kextd:_watch_volumes: couldnt setup diskarb sessions" and the number [25], this is now gone and it now reads something like

"transaction busy, waiting on bus 34" and before that some usb error (I have to write that down again).


Please help me, it would be so great to not have to install the whole thing again. I tried repairing permissions but that did not help.

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