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How format a external disk?

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Hello Mac-friends:=)


Have a little problem i hope you might can help me to solve?!

- and hope i hit the correct site for posting this question...


Downloaded Leopard a couple of days a go, and have not managed to install it yet.

- i have a ibookg4, without a dvd burner - so i need to install it from a external disk.


I have a WesternDigital disk, but struggle to move files to this.

- the disk is been formatted with os x extended (journalført) (norwegian word, sorry, dont know the english word).


I try to restore the leopard image to this disk, but the restoring stops after a few seconds (after moving about 200 m-bytes)

- it seems to me like the mac stops reading/writing to the disk when file transfer...


So can anyone tell me exactly how my disk should be reformatted, and any checkboxes and options to use this disk?!


Hope somebody could help me,


Thank you:=)

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