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Resizing Flat Image Partition


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There seems to be a few suggestions out there about how to increase the size of the flat image partition, but as far as I can tell, none of them actually work.



1) Use parted (or another parition program)

Parted cannot increase the size of hfs partitions, it can only shrink them. Acronis doesn't seem to work either.


2) Use diskutility to merge or volumeresize

Does not appear to work b/c merge threatens to destroy both volumes and volume resize only works on

GUID partition tables


What I did was create another install of 10.5 on a different disk in order to try to use disk utility. Not sure why, but the OS has gotten confused (at least the GUI tools) and considers 2 different installs on two different physical disks to be the same. The GUI tools were little help. I had to use the command line to unmount the install that I want to resize. I then used hdiutil to backup the drive to another partition. I then erased the partition table on the drive and created a single large partition. Unfortunately, this volume is not bootable.


Does anybody know of something that will actually work?

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