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MSI P6N SLI motherboard problems, need some help


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Hi evryone,


To the admins sry for double post i posted thisone already on the wrong forum i guess.


Well, i've downloaded Jas 10.4.8 sse2, sse3 patched dvdrom.

I can normally boot from dvdrom without any problems. Installation just running fine, till i need to reboot.

From here on i can't get any more on my screen :P


i restart my machine just as the installation asks, and from here i only get a whit cursor thats pinking and don't do anything more. I left my machine like this for about 1 our and no more response.


i Installed 1 time with sse2,sse3 patch, and 1 time without, just to be sure, and this doesn't made any difference. The apple installation is on an IDE harddisc, so it got's hes own partition etc.

i searched if all my components where supported, and in the hardware list of motherboards is mine supported (MSI p6n SLI-fi)


further hardware specs:


MSI p6n SLI-fi motherboard

Intel pentium 4 ht 3.00ghz lga 775 (dunno name anymore, i thought is was prescott?)

video is msi geforce 6600 gt tdi 125mb

and ram is 2x osz 512mb ddr2


any sugestions?


kind regards,


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