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Help Please.. Hard Drive Controller Problems.

P i c k l e s.

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Using OSX 10.4.7 JaS Install DVD


My Specs:

Compaq C554TU Laptop Notebook

Intel Celeron M - 1.86ghz, SSE, SSE2, SSE3


1GB Ram


Conexant HD Audio


I am having troubles installing osx, i boot up fine and get to the select your destionation drive screen, but nothing is displayed.. i have tried using disk utility but it just keeps spinning the pizza wheel of death thing or whatever its called. I have included a print screen of my device manager in HDD Controllers.

Please help, i have wanted to run this for ages, and im not letting a hard disk hold me back. I have tried this on three different pcs, and still does the same thing, although the all have an intel hdd controller, being the same ones i think. My desktop and Laptop are both ICH7 ones and my other laptop is some other intel controller.

I've had a previous 7 years expereince with computers and am great with computer hardware/software for my age (13.) so i should be able to work out what mumbo jumbo u's talk about.

Please help me, and thanks in advance, Nicholas.






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