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Hardrive question

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What you do is get a external 2,5 drive off 160 or 200 GB

open it remove the drive

put your own mac book drive in there

place the new drive in your mac book

huckup the external drive to your mac book

install tiger/ leopard

during installation it will ask to transfew all dato from a prievius mac say yes

choise partion on this mac

and well go away this will take a long time

but at the end you will have a nice brand new install with al you programs mail ,documents ect ect

ad have a smal external drive to boot.

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Hi candycane:


As an aside, this will also work with OSx86 Laptops and Desktops.


I used Dell Inspiron 1300 and put the old drive in 2.5" Hard Drive Enclosure and the new drive in the laptop. After installing Mac OS X, I was prompted with Apple's Migration Assistant. I selected the profiles and files on the External Drive, and the Migration Assistant took care of everything.


--danyel :blink:

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