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Every little thing crashes - please help


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I have 10.4.8 and used Pacifist to install QuickTime (since it required 10.4.9), and now every little thing crashes:


I tried copying everything related to "QuickTime" from a new 10.4.8 install to my current system would help, but it just made it worse since now the Time in the top-right doesn't appear any longer, nor does the spotlight icon.


System Preferences, Preview, VLC, QuickTime, iTunes, Skype all crashes. Seems like anything video/audio related simply crashes.


I tried installing 10.4.8 from the dvd again using the "Upgrade" button, but to no luck. Installing the latest version of QuickTime and iTunes didn't help correct anything, nor did upgrading to 10.4.9.




Is there any way to fix this? I went from a pro-windows users to a hopeless osx user and looking for anyone's help. Thank you.



Update: booting into Safe Mode works, but creating a new account and logging in doesn't work. But safemode makes everything good again, anyway to re-install OSX without affecting my files/apps?

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