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Restore from Time Machine backup

Mr. Zorg

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As luck would have it (good or bad, you decide) something happened to my Mac Mini not long after installing Leopard and setting up Time Machine. It would no longer boot. So I booted from the Leopard DVD and chose the time machine restore option. I picked my last backup before the problem and let it rip. No dice, it still wouldn't boot after it was finished. So I tried going back to my very first time machine backup (I know I reboot since that one) and got the same results. Finally, I had to reinstall (as an upgrade) Leopard on top of the restored drive before it would boot.


Don't get me wrong, I didn't lose any data, and I did get it working again, so that's still useful, but not *AS* useful as the way it should have worked. I'm just wondering if there was something weird about my situation, or if I did something wrong. I shouldn't have to do that, should I? Shouldn't Time Machine be able to restore a blank or completely hosed system (barring hardware failures) to a bootable state? Has anyone done this yet? Does it work?

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