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Hi all,


My situation:


I have a hard drive on my computer (specs below) that has all of the multimedia (music, movies, tv shows) files in my home. When I am using OS X (tiger or leopard), my wife (on her laptop or desktop) cannot access my hard drive that holds all of the multimedia files that we have. All she can access is my HOME folder and any other folder I decide to allow her to see on my Tiger or Leopard (os x is installed on) partitions.


My Problem:


She often wants to watch a episode of Senfield, or a movie or something when I am on OS X. I hate having to shut down OS X and boot up into Windows just so she could watch a TV Show. It completely interrupts what I am doing on OS X.


What I Have Already Done:


I have went to System Preference > Sharing > Services Tab. I have selected Personal File Sharing, Windows File Sharing, and Printer Sharing. The printer works great and I can access all of my personal files in my HOME folder.


My firewall is off.


I have went to Applications > Utilities > Directory Access > Services Tab. I have selected SMB/CIFS. I have set my workgroup to MSHOME (like the rest of my devices on my home network).


My Question:


Can I share my other Volumes on my other Hard Drives that are mounted in OS X (Tiger and/or Leopard)? If so, HOW?


Your Response:


If anyone has a solution/answer/idea, it would be greatly appreciated. If you really know how to make this work for sure, a step by step typed solution posted in this thread would be nice. Or a link to a page/thread/website that explains how to solve my problem in detail.


Post Explination and Forum Search:


I have tried to search for the answer to my problem in the Insanely Mac Forum and on Google. I am sorry if this was posted somewhere else, but I really didn't even know where to start. I think my situation is very specific and not often encountered.


Thank You in Advance,



Keep on macKIN'...

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