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Install Leopard on a pc? with updates?


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Is there a way i can install a version of hackintosh leopard (ON A PC) , and be able to do updates?

i currently have tiger 10.14.10, but when i clicked update everything went down. (now i cant boot but whatever)

Now, i dont want to make the same mistake on Leopard, but if i wont be able to update into a new version, then i guess its kinda worthless.


am using vista and i want to install leopard on another partition, so my question is, will i be able to install hackintosh leopard and be able to update?



Thanks for your help!


(not really sure where this post should have gone, so i posted in 2 places, MODS, feel free to delete the one where it shount have been, but i dont need a quick answer whatsoever.)

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PC EFI is emulated EFI, EFI stands for Extensible Firmware Interface, it takes place of BIOS (Basic In/Out System). Macs do not run BIOS they have EFI. This is why EFI emulation for PC is such a big deal, since we do not need to patch kernels anymore.


EFI emulation is already out an there are threads about it all over.

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Hi @ all!


I did Updates on my OSX 10.5 Toh 9A581 and it causes a kernel panic. In my opinion you just can patch Software/Utilities and just some Systemparts (such that are just like apps - RemoteDesktop for exapmle). But when i tried to update from 10.5 to 10.5.1 the machine crashed like hell and you dont have the chance to repair the installation with your boot dvd. It only gave me a signed partition and the message: ... a newer version is installed, choose an other partition to install. IN EVERY CASE, ALSO FOR 10.4 USERS, NEVER INSTALL REAL APPLE UPDATES - NEVER -NEVER!! Especially without having a backup from all stuff you need. So we have to wait and hope for a fixed toh version or so.


My Machine:

ASUS P5WDH Deluxe (BiosV2103, not longer on Asus Page) - Asus ATI 1950gt pro - 3GB DDR2 800MHz RAM - Core 2 Duo E6300@2.1 GHz - Lots of SATA2 and IDE Harddives, External HD, External DVD-Burner (Benq)


Also it is one of my first Report here, i am firm with Hardware and Systems, tried several 10.4 and 10.5 installations on diffent Boards (Asus P5B Deluxe and other Asus M2 Socket Boards). In realy every case the system crashed after version updates by apple - believe me or you hackintosh will die. :-(

Sorry, but that is the truth. Sorry for my worse english, but you will understand what i mean.


So far, so good - stay joining your runnin machines and wait for further help!




P.S.: before i tried to install the 10.5.1 update i had a look @ this thread. I tried, fialed and reinstalled everthing. So just believe me, what i told above happend 2 hrs before I report this for you. I am very thankfull for lots of threads here, a great forum realy. So i want to prevent you from doing something wrong like i did ;-)


OK,OK - got some new Infos.


As it seems the ToH Image (9A581) makes trouble. Other Leopard images that have the EFI Bootloader incl. may be capable to install all updates from Apple as a normal/original machine. I got these information in an german thread on this page.

Here is the thread:




But, as it seems there is no chance to get that EFI Bootloader gettin run under ToH Images. I still dont have a solution for this ToH 9a581. What images did you all installed? The so called Brazil Mac?

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Hmm well I installed the TOH DVD 10.5. Had a small hickup getting the HD to boot but that was real simple fix. Booted leopard did the 10.5.1 update added dsmos and sound kexts. Rebooted with the DVD went in terminal did the EFI patch. And here I am in 10.5.1 and everything works but sleep but I dont use that anyway.


You need to be-careful telling people what works and doesnt work. It looks like it didn't work for you but it does work for alot of others like myself

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