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7.6.1 for PB 3400c


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Even 7.6.1 is a non-universal install for the Powerbook 3400c. The install disc is a non-universal (updated for the 3400) version of 7.6.


I only know this because I have one, along with the original 7.6 CD. I've got a 180MHz version with 80MB of memory, a (newer, replacing the old 1.2GB) 6GB HDD, the CD-ROM, and the floppy attachment, along with the special SCSI mode cable and special LAN/modem cable. I really like this thing - I'm the original owner and it was the first Mac I ever bought.




That's where you can get the update, but you'll need the CD. Depending on where you live, I might be able to make you a copy of the CD, or maybe make an image if you have an FTP I could put it on. The disc is ONLY good for a 3400 and it shipped with ALL 3400's so I see no copyright infringement in this case. You legally own it as far as I can tell if you have a 3400c and you can't put it on any other machine (because it'll tell you as much when you try to boot from it)

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