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Can anyone please help me with this?


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I want to make another HFS+ partition, without deleting the exting data. my hd used to be 10G for mac and the rest for windows.


So I resized the partition of the window's one, and created another new partition after the windows partition.(With acronis)

After I restarted, the disk utility can not reformat it to HFS (it appears gray and unclickable on the option of erase)

so I just went back to windows, and clone the mac partition to the new partition. And It seems a nice and good HFS+ partition. I restarted angain, and the darwin boot loader can see the new partition, I select the partition I used to boot os x with, Then it stuck with a "stop picture" on the apple logo. I tried with -v , it seemed stopped on "waiting for root device" Are there anyway to solve the problem? It happened right after I cloned the partition.


Regard, sorry for my bad english

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