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Add new processor types to About This Mac


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Yes, I know you can edit the About This Mac to show whatever text you'd like in the spot for processor. What I'm wondering is if it's possible to add processor names to the big list of processors Mac OS uses to populate the About This Mac and System Analyzer processor name fields.

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Oh well, looks like I get to answer my own question. The values for processor type are hardcoded into the loginwindow.app. It appears to be a non-trivial exercise to add or replace processor types.


The following processor names are included in loginwindow:


Intel Core Solo

Intel Core Duo

Intel Core 2 Solo

Intel Core 2 Duo

Single-Core Intel Xeon

Dual-Core Intel Xeon

Unknown Intel Xeon

Quad-Core Intel Xeon


PowerPC 601

PowerPC 602

PowerPC 603

PowerPC 603e

PowerPC 603ev

PowerPC 604

PowerPC 604e

PowerPC 620

PowerPC G3

PowerPC 750

PowerPC G4

PowerPC 7400

PowerPC 7450

PowerPC G5

PowerPC 970

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