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Hi Palt:


I use Lacie's SilverKeeper (Freeware) to backup my whole Users folder (excluding cache files) onto an External Hard Drive.


If you'd prefer to backup the individual paths (instead of the whole Users directory), here are paths for Tiger (10.4):


For Apple's Mail: Hard_Drive/Users/Username/Library/Mail/IMAP-EMail_Address


For Mozilla's Thunderbird: Hard_Drive/Users/Username/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/ProfileName.default/ImapMail


For Thunderbird, it seems to place symbolic links or pointers instead of the actual IMAP E-Mail. It's probably better to backup their Mail folder: Hard_Drive/Users/Username/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/ProfileName.default/Mail


Good luck!


--danyel :)

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