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advice needed on buying macbook or mini or use osx86

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Was looking at this forum to see if there would be any chance of putting osx on my laptop, a sweet lg tx express weighing only one kg!! Yet with nvidia graphics, a special ethernet card that even linux did not recognize and a sd-reader i am pretty sure the drivers on osx are not matching, if it is at all possible to install (no cd-drive!!)


So my options living a few months different places at a time is the mac mini that i had last winter and really loved, or a macbook, which i find prohibitively heavy compared to the lg, which is going for repairs later this week anyway and i dont really like typing on it, even though i made a hack to have a real delete button:)


My main gripe is with the mini i need a monitor, and having no house i may be better of with something portable, maybe a tiny led projector, then resolution would be low, movies amazing and my purse sore i allready have mac keyboard and a lazermouse, plus a macmini lookaline 400gb backup harddisk:)


The macbooks have no right mouse button, yet i have gotten used to it when borrowing from a friend some weeks, and got so much used to quicksilver, plus having ical and adress, which is a mess in windows without outlook - only pages give me incentive to write, and iweb to make homepages and the new leopard mail could invigorate me to make emails and on the windows side there is vista to avoid so my xp laptop will get obsolete by itself


Yet this is so sweet a laptop, real graphics and good keyboard, and i really like using picasa for my photos, iphoto just seems to forget the amount of work i did making folders for all my 30.000 photos, and theres absolutely now way i can let it copy my photos to its own library and i do need to make permanent changes!


And i have ripped all my 200cds in wma, and now my favorite audiobooks are also wma, what can i do?

I bought an ipod after having a cool cowon D2 mp3 player breaking down after a few days, i feel like a rider between horses


Any ideas, suggestions or inspirational thoughts be welcome, going for travelling in 3 weeks and after that all winter alone in finland where i do prefer having some good tools, knowing that in april i move from the house again, and need to bring whatever computer i have with me, so imac is probably out of question


At least i managed to transfer my palm adresses to the mac adress book and synching google calendar with ical is working, then i will just have to live with iphoto and the google adresses that are still all alone (and my palm is gone now, so ipod takes over from there) - but why cannot itunes play or convert wma on a mac, when it does on pc?

Well, i guess i have to forget computing and go horseriding instead, less difficult and more fresh air;)


Thanks for inspiration

Aurinko in Finland

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but why cannot itunes play or convert wma on a mac, when it does on pc?

I don't know. I had to convert mine with iTunes for windows.


But the great news is OS X should work on your lg tx express. Give it a try. I recommend uphuck's version, 10.4.9.


Maybe the rumors are true and there will be an ultraportable mac in January.


Otherwise, the macbook is probably your best option. You can't really take a mac mini with you. Unless you mod it like this guy.

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i agree. you should buy a macbook. you get leopard and have a very portable machine that looks realy nice. the right-click thingy is not realy an issue since you can rightclick by holding down the ctrl button. buying a mac mini is no real alternative since it needs an external monitor and an external keyboard what makes ist somewhat clunky. besides the graphics chipset on a mac mini is slower than the one on the new macbook.


installing osx86 onto your current notebook maybe very fun but it also is a pain in the ass getting evereything to work properly. every single system update goes hand in hand with hard work tweaking the system (unless you buy very compatible hardware). besides the uphuck 10.4.9 release is still tiger (but a very stable and complete tiger release that is).


so in essence getting a new macbook would safe you precious time and make you look cool because at the end of the day a pc running mac os is still a pc (although a pretty elite one).

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wow, osx on my tx express, that will be the ultraportable mac, but tiger, hmm, i was really looking forward to leopard and yes, the macbook will better graphics makes sence, allthough i would love to do second life, which i recon is impossible

this computer is going for repairs tomorrow, so if i get really frestrated i just go get the first mac crossing my path:)

thanks for replies!

aurin :)

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