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0S X86 10.4.9 Uphuck 1.3 Installation


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hi all,

so i have a computer with 1 gb of ram, 16 mb of v ram (ATI MOBILE RADEON ( I KNO IT SUCKS LOL)), intel pentium M (SSE2).

I have installed the uphuck 1.3 10.4.9 installatio several times onto a partition of 7 gb that i created. Every time i install and i get to the darwin boot loader menu, i select the disk0s1 selection (the mac os x86) one and it flashes some text and just goes back to the boot loader. I've already looked at the wiki and the other page for the uphuck install but they both don't seem to work. after installation (which goes fine, I usually use disk utility to format the partition to mac os x journaled and mount it), it restarts but can never boot into mac os.

i've also tried install onto an old Archos media player (20gb) i've formatted it and everthing, but apparently my bios cant boot from usb? how can i update my bios so it could????

thanks in advance


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