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Leopard Booting problems

Ice Man

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Hi, I'm new to the mac osx scene and despite having spent 2 days reading through the forums i have not found a solution to the problem. I would really appreciate it if one of you can help me, i have no previous experience with any mac os


My System:

Dell inspiron 6400, C2D T7200 @ 2ghz, 1gb ram,


I have two SATA hard drives for my laptop, the first one is an internal hdd and the second one is an external 2.5" SATA hdd connected via a usb to sata converter. (Basically their both internal laptop hdd's but i have connected the second one via a sata to usb converter)


The internal hdd has windows xp and windows vista dual boot, and the second harddrive is a brand new unformatted harddrive, I want to install leopard to that and then swap it with my internal hdd so i can boot leopard.


To do that i did the following,

at the moment i was running winxp from my hdd, and the 2nd hdd was connected as an external hdd

1. Downloaded the torrent "osx86 Leopard flat image (install mac os x 10.5 from windows" from the pirates bay,

2. followed the instruction provided on that page with the torrent,

which are

here\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s how to install osx 10.5 leopard 9a581 in your intel/amd sse3 machine without the use of a single DVD!

you need at least 20 GB free space on a ntfs partition and an entire disk to spare. it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s all patched with the BrazilMAC patch.

1. grab the torrent.

2. extract leopard-x86.rar to the folder

3. open compmgmt.msc and select Disk Management

4. remember what disk (Disk 0, Disk 1 etc) you want to install to

5. remove any existing partitions on that disk by right clicking and selecting \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Delete Volume\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' and \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Delete Partition\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'

6. copy the .bat file for the selected disk to the folder

WARNING!! selecting the wrong file may result in a wiped disk!!

7. execute the .bat file and wait..

8. reboot into the created disk [by pressing Esc, F12 or whatever your mainbord wants] and boot into a fresh osX 10.5 install, you can now

select your login info, location and so on.

9. if you wanna dualboot from vista, download EasyBCD...

10. if you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re having trouble to boot into os x ,press F8 when booting and type -v at the boot screen to see whats wrong and then consult some osx86 forum.

this install disk was bade by the help of the tutorial at

it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s reported to work great on Asus P5W DH Deluxe, Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 and works ok on my Gigabyte GA-965P-DS4



Now since my external hdd was Disk1, i used the disk 1 dd bat file to extract the image to the harddrive, that worked fine and after the extraction, i rebooted my pc, chose to boot off my USB drive from the bios and voila i booted into apple's leopard

the system was extremely sluggish and the mouse was impossible to handle so i used the keyboard to navigate through the initial setup, once this initial setup was done and i was in leopard i shutdown the pc, took out my xp hdd and replaced it with the one containing leopard, so now my system only had the leopard drive and it was in the hdd slot of the laptop


when i now try to boot into leopard it fails and auto restarts, i tried booting with the -v and -x -v option and i get some error (sorry dont have it right now, will post in a while), but from the text i get on screen it shows me that leopard is looking for disk 1 to boot off, but now since i only have one harddrive connected thats disk 0 therefore it fails


how do i change this and make leopard boot off disk 0 or the internal hdd, cuz when i connect the hdd to the usb adapter, leopard boots fine


from what i have read so far, i think there is some command like rd=disk... but i am not sure what exactly to do,

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if you boot off of the install DvD and then press F8 when it asks if you want to do advanced options then youll get a prompt, at the prompt type rd=diskXsY

X being your disk, for you it would be 0, and Y being your partition (1 most likely maybe 2). This should get leopard to boot, at least it did for me. But if i dont do that it just does the grey loading screen then restarts, and im not totally sure why.

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