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My 5G 80GB iPod keeps restarting on its own


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When I bought the iPod months ago, it didn't sync (-48 error). Went to the Mac store here in London and did everything they asked me to do: change the time zone, clean the metadata of my iTunes library, format with zeroes... No success.

Next step was stoping sync, and then it started restarting on its own very often and randomly (sometimes after 2 minutes!!) Back to the shop, they didn't have a clue about it, and gave me a new one... same problem. Weeks ago they exchanged it again, with no success - keeps doing the same.

I guess the problem is not on the iPod (three with the same problem?) but on my iTunes library or my mac... and can't think of anything I haven't done yet.

I manage a 30 macs network at work, and I've solved 99% of problems for the last 2 years, so I guess I have enough skills to fix this... its annoying!!

Has anyone got the same problem? Any clue?


My equipment: PowerBook 1.25 GH, 1GB ram, Tiger, system up-to-date, iTunes library on a external LaCie firewire HD, 70% Apple Lossless, 30% mp3



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