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UAD-1 Pci Cards Do work! Success!


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First of i would like to thank everybody involved with this site and all the people who have spent many an hour pouring their time and money into making this {censored} work!


Sounds like an exceptance speech! .... get on with it.


Well. i finally got my Hackintosh up an running.


specs are...



4gb or ram

p35 dq6

wd raptors running on the purple Jmicron controller!

2x pci UAD1 cards - Working!!!!!!!!!!!!

RME ff400 Fully working!

Pioneer DVD dl 212 fully working! plugged into the ich9r controller

dual boot into Win xp Essential Edition. ( the one that looks like Vista)

Running logic 8!

Xbench score is 162.91

Harddisk 72


Man all my {censored} is running tight!


I'm most happy about the PCI Uad-1 cards working as i they dont show up in about this mac.


I installed the drivers and crossed my fingers!




Wouldn't have pulled this one off with you guys.


I know more about my damn pc then i ever would cared to know about.


To my better half.

I'm sorry about all this craziness!


I want to thank my mum.... my dad.....

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