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Installed Tiger 4.6, and with forum help got networked.... One happy person, got on the net, and went for

the Blender 3d app for the MAC. Got a 'LOW VRAM' message....


How can I increase VRAM, and where? I have 2GB RAM installed...


I would like to test the GIMP and PYTHON, but will VRAM become a problem???


Please help if you can...


Also: where do I find a list of Mac commands???


Thank you

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Thanks for your reply.


I am running an Nvidia 7600GS.


Perhaps what I meant with 'commands' is if is there a list (such as 'ipconfig, msconfig,etc...) as in the MS windows (ughh) environment. You, know, the stuff we have used to keep systems going.


I am completely new to Mac OS's, and now the MAC OS X... I am a convert wishing to learn and set up things well, where thay are workable.


I have been able to set up so that I now have a network, whaT i HAVE YET TO DO:


Sigmatel sound (9220), and specially set up display and display profiles... have much to learn, so I asked about commands (only ref I have is WinXP) to help get info, and setup the environment...


Any and all help is welcome.


An x86 bible and/or book of secrets might do it... :)

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99% of people using a Mac never type anything in as a command. Never.


With OSx86, you generally need to get into the guts of the machine, so you'd better learn Unix commands. That is what OSX is based on.


As to your graphics card, have you tried the Natit driver? Sound - I've never heard of any support for the Sigmatel sound chip.


OSX Bible? Visit your local Barnes and Noble...



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