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.Mac syncing issues


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I've recently updated to 10.4.10 (thanks to the KoolKal updater) and all is well except for some .Mac syncing weirdness. I rely on syncing to keep my Hackintosh and PowerBook up to date and I really can't live without it. I first noticed a problem when I attempted to access the .Mac syncing preference pane and was greeted with a bright shiny beachball. I had to kill System Preferences. I checked out the Console Log to see that dmnotifyd was crashing about every 2 seconds. Upon rebooting, everything was okay until I attempt to sync. First, dotMacTransaltor crashes, next is dotmacsyncclient followed by the continuous crashing of dmnotifyd. I've tried repairing permissions but that doesn't help.


Aside from the crashing, syncing appears to be working at some level. In other words, I get partial syncing and if I keep rebooting things finally seem to sync up. It's not an optimal solution.


Ideas anyone?

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