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undoing SSE3 emulation patch

Doug the Impaler

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I'm trying to test some stuff that's honestly not terribly important (a theory that the SSE3 emulation using SSE2 is what's preventing Starcraft and Diablo II from running under 10.4.3 8F1111) but I'd like to do this for other reasons:


How can I undo the SSE3 emulation patch? I've got a Prescott 2.8GHz so it does support SSE3 (though I'm unsure of PAE support on this CPU) and when I restored the original mach_kernel, it just got me into an infinitely-rebooting machine...it's show the Apple logo and reboot over and over...I must have been doing something wrong. Any suggestions?


I noticed that some undo .ppf's were included with the JaS installer...however undoing the SSE3 emulator isn't among them. Does anybody have such a .ppf they can post?

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