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Partitoining on 10.4


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ok, so at my school we have a book G4 and there was stuff on it that we didnt need (apps, settings, music, videos, and some stuff that wasn't sposed to be installed).so i logged into the the school district server so get the .cdr image, then to realize "This computer doesn't have a dvd burner" :blink: so i tried to partition the drive and it doesn't let me. so i go and get a eMac install disc and run the disc utility and split the drive into 2 parts made sure they were both mac osx journaled. made one partition 6 gig for the image and gave the rest to Macintosh HD and i hit partition and it gives the warning 'if you partition it will destroy the disc', me being me ignored it and partitioned and then i restart i get no os found so i got pissed.....then the teacher said i can run firewire from his g4 and i do. i re-download the .cdr and i notice that the 2 partitions are still there and im like "YES!"so i restore the cdr to the 6gb. partition and then shut down after its done, then i boot and the restored image boots and all goes well except i couldn't use track pad and it said put batteries in wireless mouse(it was a pic) so im like ok, this must be from an iMac and i plug in a usb mouse and it worked and the graphics are horrible but i can make it out since I've installed osx about 50 times+ all goes well.ok osx is installed all hardware worked graphics are fine only 1 think i need to do.......erase the install disc partition and return the space to Macintosh HD, but i don't want to have to go through all that trouble again.... is there a way to remove the partition without deleting the osx installation?







and gogle doesnt help so dont be a :censored2: and :spam: google :)

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