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i know it has been said but i didnt find the thread

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first of all Hello , my name is noob at mac :D


i've installed mac.nub 10.4.10 and the install went very well but after the install i got some hardware problems :(


i didnt find a thread about radeon x600 (for noobs) to explain step by step what to do , all i found was for radeon x600 mobility (i dont have mobility) and all the thread about mobility used terms and stuff i completly didnt understand - please help with step to step guide :)


for some reason i was sure i installed my sound card with the installation (card:creative soundblaster 5.1)

and i dont have sound - lol me , please help me.


ohh and the keyboard - i cant seem to get alt+shift to change language and i cant seem to make ctrl+c to copy or ctrl+v to paste .


thx for anyone who helps me , the 60 hrz hurts my eyes so im kinda i in the need for a divine favour from someone in this forum.. ;)

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