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Question about Macintosh software


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Is it possible to install any software to Mac OS X86? I installed 10.4.10 version and somehow (i'ma noob) managed to get running with access to the internet. However, when I download a .dmg image, Safari browser says that mounting has failed, so is this normal, I can only use software that came with this installation and adding programs is impossible?


I have:


Intel Pentium 4 2 Ghz (northwood)

Soltek SL85ERV2-C (it's with VIA P4X400 chipset or something like that)

512mt DDR400




Integrated soundcard does not work, it's probably becaue I didn't install correct drivers for it.

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Well thanks, I solved my problem by ticking off the SSE3 kernel thing, I know my P4 processor does not have it so probaby that was it. I chose to install Universal kernel which was labeled with "SSE2" in description.


Now this thing seems to work fine, I managed to get the AC97 sound to work but only in left channel. I knew that there was a possibility of this to happen. I'm not a programmer or coder but isn't this a simple thing to correct? Since the sound is already working with 1-channel?


I took a risk and installed Apple's updates altought I know that they can f**k up this installation anytime.


I'm probably gonna try Leopard with my Core 2 Duo E4300 comp as soon as I get my mobo back from ASUS RMA.


Nice work however, Mac OS X looks much better compared to Windows XP.

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