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Installing OSX on my laptop?


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Hi Guys!


Well currently i have Tiger and Leopard on my Desktop running. Both on PATA. I have Pentium D 805 System. I want to run Tiger or Leopard on my laptop too. But it has SATA Disk and an AMD Turion X2. I didnt found an Install DVD which supports SATA. My tries to patch the DVDs failed :-( (don't know went wrong or if i really understand the many installation instructions). Well what i can do is uninstall the SATA Disk from my laptop and use it in Computer. What can i do now. I only have Jas 10.4.8 as DVD, TubGirl 10.4.10 and Kalyway 10.5. What else do i need to install one of these DVDs on the laptop SATA and which kexts/patches i need for the AMD? I think i am out of my ideas. Any help would be very nice.

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