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I tried every single version starting from 10.4.7 and only one that I could install was 10.4.9 version which boots directly into graphical installation interface. All of them with that boot logging part were giving me some kinds of errors. So, when I install "naked" 10.4.9 without any drivers ( because if I install SATA or Azalia, it won't boot ). Where to find drivers and how to install them for this hardware.


Abit AB9 - P965, JMicron SATA controller - 2 DVD/RW's on it, none working after installation

Maxtor 40GB ATA/133 - Connected over USB 2.0 interface, no other way to install mac osx or boot after instalation except USB 2.0

Realtek HD audio - not working

Abit Airpace Wi-Fi PCI-E card - Atheros 5007 - not working

nVidia 8800 GTS - 320 MB - found drivers, working correctly at max resolution.


I tried mac.nub's 10.4.10 version and it stops while that boot logging. Didn't work after connecting hard drive to ATA either. Help? Someone?

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