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! PLEASE HELP ! MSI 7300LE 256MB Dual Display


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So here's my dilemma, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have recently installed OSX 10.4.9 uphuck v1.3 and all of my components work perfectly except my MSI 7300LE 256mb. I am absolutely unable to get dual display to work, now I noticed on diaboliks natit installer it says add my device id(0x01D1) to IOPCI in NVDAResman.kext however when examining this file the other device ids are listed in an entirely different format. Possible someone can assist me with how I need to insert my device id or any suggestions on how to get my card to utilize dual display. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


My system specs are as follows,



MSI G965M Mainboard

Core 2 Duo E6320

4GB DDR2 667mhz ram

MSI 7300LE 256mb

1x 250GB SATA

1x 500GB SATA

1x 250GB USB

Acer 19' Widescreen

Optiquest 19" (I know its oldschool)




Thanks in advance for any help!! I'm almost at the point of offering someone something($$$) if the get it working!

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