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Firstly, i'm not trying to undermine a Mac, i've never used one so i just want some clarification and advice :)


I'm thinking about buying a MacBook top specs.

But i'm unsure whether to get a Mac or a normal Laptop,

I baught a alienware laptop about 2 years ago.


Nice specs but jesh,

I'm lucky to get 45 minutes movie play back,

Its the size of my pillow,

And i have to fix it myself every few months as it over heats like nothing i've ever known before!



With a Mac;


What kind of programs come complete with the package?

Is it rather easy to install Windows onto it?

I'm quite into my downloads, will i be able to use Torrents on Mac's?


I baught a new Sony Video Camera and i swear,

i can't find a package on Windows that will recognise it directly from the source,

other than the programme that came with it which is not even worth using.


I'm 19, i'm thinking about going back to college/university to do a Design course,

So obviously it would be helpful for that,


Thankyou for your advice :angel:



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