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Hi All,


After a few days reading/looking/failing I'm at a loss, here is my situation -


I have a new work laptop that i'm not allowed to install any liscenced software on, only freeware. I use Serato/Rane Scratch Live software to connect my turntables to my mp3's. This software will only run on OS X or Windows.


What I am trying to achieve is to have a working copy of OS X (as it is more stable than windows) onto my new WD120GB USB drive, so i can connect the drive, boot to it, then run Scratch Live without my laptop's internal HD even spinning up.


1. Is this possible?

2. What revision/installer do i need? (tiger vs leopard/ uphuck vs tubgirl etc) I am aware we are not to link to any torrent files, but if you can provide the name please i can go find it.

3. Is my hardware compatible? (i don't need internet, wireless, etc. just enough to run scratchlive and see my display)

4. Any other suggestions?


Thanks in advance to anyone willing to take the time to look into this for a UNIX/Linux newb.


My Laptop -

HP branded Compaq 6515b

Turion 64 x2 Mobile TL-52 (SSE2, SSE3 supported)

1GB ram

ATI Radeon X1250

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