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Hi, Ive followed this guide: http://www.anyizhu.com/mediawiki/index.php...our_OS_Selector

But when i got to "Step Six: Dual Boot Setup" i couldnt find my Win partition - therefore i rebooted and it started osx automaticly. OSX86 rocked (allthough a resolution 800x600 compared to my 1400x1050 on xp) - but i couldnt find xp on boot. I searched alot of fora (this one included ofc.) but found, that it might be an (risky) idea to try to run "fixmbr" from xp-install cd. WARNING: this ruined the mbr and i couldnt boot to anything - just "invalid boot table" or something....


So i put the osx86 cd in again which booted osx (but still no xp ofc.)...

But i nedd xp aswell so i tryed to reinstall xp again - and afterwards I installled acronis with OS selector.. But heres my problem (finaly):

When it boots acronis bootselector it has three(!) unknown os´s, and only 1 of them (nr 3.) is bootable - or atleast OS selector thinks that_ Cause when it boots from OS selector, it says something like "Partition table error" or something ike that, and i cant boot.. The only way is to bypass OS selector and boot XP directly.........


So what do I need to do now? I could start all over since i have backup of data - but i might need another guide for this - since Step Six: Dual Boot Setup in that guide i used lacks of information.



Zepto 4200

Intel i855PM chipset

ATi Mobility Radeon 9700 PRO (osx says 9600)

1.8ghz pentium M

1gb ram

1hdd 100gb, 7200rpm (3 partitions (c: win, d: data NTFS, f:osx nonbootable)


Im new to osx...


Any help much appreciated


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