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OS X on Custom PC


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I'm a OSX newbie so go easy on me!

I currently have XP, Vista, and Sabayon Linux installed on my SATA 160 GB hard Drive. I would like to install OS X to test it out. If I like it I plan on getting a new laptop this Christmas with Leopard. I currently have an Acer T180 with some extras.


Processor: AMD Athlon 3800+ "Orleans" (NOT the Dual Core)

Video Card: NVidia FX 5500 (PCI)

RAM: 1 GB DDR2 PC2-5300

Hard Drives: 160GB SATA Internal

160GB IDE Internal

320 GB External Western Digital My Book Pro

Optical: DVD+RW



OS X 10.4.8 Jas Patch (works I've tried it on an old Dell 2400 and it starts to install but the intergrated video just doesn't cut it.)


Whenever I attempt to install OSX it goes through the black screen very slowly. When it appears to start it goes to a gray screen, then a pale blue screen with a cursor in the upper left. I can move the mouse fine but there is no menus or anything. Occasionally it will access the DVD drive but it will not do anything after that.... Any Suggestions?

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