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Leopard on AMD Clarification

Blaenk Denum

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Alright I'm getting kind of desperate guys. I have POSIX knowledge so I could do on my own with most things, I could figure things out, I just need to know what to get first. I found *** link deleted***, which is Mac OS X Leopard GM Final 9A581 Kernel Patch (INTEL/AMD/NO-HPET/NO-NX/SSE2). Now, I'm wondering which release I need, should I get the official retail Leopard and then follow the instructions here, except using the patch mentioned above instead of the one from BrazilMac? I just need to know how to do the patching process, if it's the same as in the guide but using the above patch instead of the patch mentioned in the guide then I'm pretty sure I can follow the instructions myself.


The official retail Leopard is dual layer and the one from BrazilMac is single layered, but I doubt I can use that one with the patch mentioned above, right? If so then that'd be great because I don't have any dual layer DVDs.


Thanks I would appreciate any help!

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Hi Blaenk Denum,



I haven't tried Leopard yet, and you're right, those patches can get you quite confused. I think you need BOTH patches.


- first you extract the kernel of the original dvd and get yourself a patched kernel, which you dont need yet

- then you apply brazilmac patch, install Leo and apply pre-patch

- then you replace the kernel of your leo install with your patched kernel


hope that helps a little bit

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Thanks guys I appreciate the help. Well I have one post here but I've been reading the osx86 wiki (Which only seems to be geared towards Tiger), osx86scene forums, and other places.


@failurbydesign: I have been searching, I just can't find anything related to what I'm talking about, that is, the final release (i.e. retail/GM/9a581) and AMD support. Like I said, I promise I won't nag you guys for help, I just need to be pointed in the right direction. I don't need step by step instructions but at least a simple procedure like mcfresh posted.


@mcfresh: Thanks, finally someone was kind enough to give me the type of help I meant. Just wondering though, you remember that I'm trying to get this on AMD right? What I'm confused about is, you know how you say 'get the patched kernel', where though? I thought the patched kernel was generated by the patcher, or am I wrong? Also, later you say 'apply the brazilmac patch', but don't I need to have OS X to be able to use its shell?


I guess what I need clarification on is, I could get the kernel out of the original DVD, but then where do I get the patched kernel from? I always figured that that was generated from the patcher. However, the patcher I found which I mentioned above seems to be meant to run on OS X shell as it uses commands like 'lipo'. I'm just wondering how I'm supposed to do this if I don't even have Leopard installed yet you know what I mean?


Sorry, I'm trying not to be a nagging noob, I promise I could figure things out on my own and I won't bother you, but I just need some clarification, everything seems so ambiguous with so many releases, patches, kernels, etc.


Thanks for the help you've give so far though!

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I patched my original untouched mach_kernel with Mac OS X Leopard GM Final 9A581 Kernel Patch (INTEL/AMD/NO-HPET/NO-NX/SSE2)

Apply the brasilmac patch using my patched kernel

Burned the dmg in toast.


I get a kernel panic before the leopard installation, see the attachment


Specs: AMD +4800 X2 / MSI K8N / 3 SATA HD/ 7900GT/ Fully working OSX 10.4.10


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hi again,


yes, you dont get the patched kernel itself, instead you create it by patching the original kernel yourself.


and yes, for all of this, following the guides you mentioned, an existing Tiger installation is mandatory. If you don't have Tiger installed there are two possibilities for you:


- get Tiger, there are plenty of guides for that

- Wait until a DVD is released where all those patches (especially for AMD in your case) are already integrated, so theres nothing more to do than burn the DVD and select the right patches when installing, like it's the case with the quite sophisticated available Tiger releases.

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