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What is XVR error


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Im getting a few errors when trying to boot with extensions enabled, its doing me head in, can anyone help?


XVR: Family Specific Fails

IDE0: Family Specific Fails

SMB0: Family Specific Fails

Display: Family Specific Fails

VT86: Family Specific Fails

pci10de,5e: Family Specific Fails

HUB0: Family Specific Fails


I have disabled everything in my bios apart from fireware.

It boots into OSX perfectly with -x at darwin but i dont get sound!



AMD 4400+ opteron

Lanparty NF4 motherboard (nvida nforce4 chipset, maybe drivers would fix)

1 gig ram

320gig Ide Drive

Focusrute Saffire Soundcard (firewire)


Anyone know what these errors are, i know 'Family Specific Fails' is hardware related, but i dont know what some of the codes in front of them mean.




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does anyone know what the error messages mean, i would love to test this out with sound before i buy my macbook. Maybe i should use a different kernel, im just using the one that came with jas 10.4.8, can anyone recomend another kernel based on my hardware??



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