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Slow connection on Inspiron 9400 and kalyway 10.4.10


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I'm currently using kalyway's 10.4.10 release on an Inspiron 9400, and my download speeds are somehow limited to about 1/10 of my connection speed. I'm using 10.4.8's IONetworkingFamily.kext as it's the only thing that makes my network card work. Also, when running azureus (or any other bittorrent client, in fact), my connection randomly crashes (though the modem still works; it's something in OS X), besides the low speeds.


I have XP installed in another partition, so I can confirm this is not a problem of the connection itself, as I can get much higher download speeds there.


Unfortunately, searching has brought no results for me.


What should I do next?




Edit: Disabling IPv6 did not work.

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