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bootcamp + boot disc error


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I had major problems with bootcamp beta... that ended with me taking my intel-iMac to the apple store and getting the hard drive replaced.


now...with leopard and bc 2.0 I've ran across a new problem.


I partitioned my internal HD to 32 gb for windows xp. upon choosing the 30 gb partition windows install tells me that it "can't install" on this partition. fearing another f3 cancel = corrupted HD (this is what happened w/ Beta) i went ahead and installed on the other larger partition... knowing that it was probably OS X.5 i was writing over. after xp installed it reboots and then cycles back and tries to reinstall xp from the start. I cancel the install and remove the xp disc via mouse click eject. after rebooting again it takes me to a black screen where it stats something like "no bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key".

finally i try to reinstall osx by holding down c at startup. Everything looks like it's going correctly... until i get to the choose a HD section. my harddrive is not listed... i have no external HD so the box to choose a HD is completely blank!



is my HD fubar? is there a way to fix it w/o taking it into the apple store? (closest store is over an hour away)


i can live without windows... i just want my iMac back :rolleyes:


any help would be wonderful... nobody over at the official Apple forums will reply.



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problem fixed... and just incase somebody ELSE with the same issue searches these forums here's how it went down:


Basically. when i place the osx install cd back in... instead of giving up after realizing my HD was not found... all i had to do was go up to utilities on the menu bar and then go to disc utilities. from there i was able to format/clean up my mess and make a new "Macintosh HD" hard drive.


easy fix

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