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GA-MA69G-S3H - AMD 690G chipset

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i intend to buy a GIGABYTE GA-MA69G-S3H mobo along with one AMD 4000+ (Brisbane 65nm) cpu. is this mobo's chipset suported (AMD 690G) ,or no wories about it? does the onboard video (ATI X1250), FireWire, LAN ,sound (at least stereo) and USB works?




LE: i searched a bit and found some threads with the AMD 690G chipset but on ASUS M2A-VM mobos, but the questions remains 4 video, FireWire, LAN and sound .



every answer is apreciated, thanks.

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I heard somewhere it may work for Tiger.


For Kalyway's Leopard DVD, im pretty sure there is no AMD support.


There is a patcher for AMD and Leopard somewhere on some site.


Cant really answer that well because I have never used a AMD CPU or chipset.


EDIT: oops didnt read well enough...ur audio i heard will work under leopard. FireWire i assume will work. Video card not exactly sure.

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