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[HELP] OSX86 hangs during format


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Using the macnub release and it boots fine the installer see's my SATA Chpiset and my HD and partitions


i have 80 GB Vista 64 / 200 GB NTFS / 20GB OSX (but cant format so it does not have a file system)


Install disc boots fine

Selection Destination is empty

Disk Utility

I select the partition I have it non-format and I tried FAT32 in which OSX picks up the file format in the disk



But when selecting the partition I press Erase tab, select HFS+ and hit Erase


When I do that it sits there for ever. It does not freeze I can move mouse but it like 10 minutes and just hanging no matter what I do

little color wheel spinning.


does the macosx partition need to be the first two partition? is not really reading the sata right ?


please drop some advise



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