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i have a little problem


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actually i had a problem and i dont know if was solved :


about a year/half a year ago i wanted to try out the osx86 on my pc (radeon x600-256mg , intel p4 3.0 , sli motherboard , creative soundblaster 5.1 , 80gb hard drive ) but i had a problem - i was a noob i didnt really know what im doing (not that thats changed) and i think i tried 3 diffrent installation dvd's and at each one i finished the install did a reaboot and i saw apple's logo (like in loading) and it staied that way and didnt change.

now im dowloading mac.nub_10.4.10_Intel_ONLY_x86_Install_DVD_v1__Rev._5_[EN].3859914.TPB and i was woundering if anyone could help me install this one step by step so i could enjoy mac as wel ;)

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