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Sapphire X1950 Pro 256 MB Fan Problem

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Hi guys,


since 2 days i have the Sapphire X1950 Pro with 256MB DDR3. The card is real nice and allowed me finally to run OSX on my intel-PC.


But there is still one fact, which drives me crazy...!!!


There is no way, to control the very very damn f*cking fan of the card... I cant imagine, why Sapphire didnt insert an internally fan-control...



So please, does anyone know how to control the Fan of the card??? Maybe by using an overclocking-tool or such ? (But i didnt find such tools :| )


Since my Computer is running, i´ve never heard my vacuum-cleaner anymore ;)

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Well you could always opt for a different cool unit for the card

Zalman FC-ZV9 Fatal1ty


Its super for the Saphire X1950 Pro 512 .

Stock fan idle: 54C Stock koeler stressed: 70+C

Zalman idle low speed fan: 38C Zalman idle high speed fan: 36C

Zalman stressed low speed fan: 55C Zalman stressed high speed fan: 53C

3dmark06 score +300 point after overclock : 5297 punten. gpu: 580Mhz to 621Mhz mem: 702Mhz to 792 Mhz


Or get a Sapphire X1900xtx my x1900xtx is qiuet

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