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Issues with a GMA 945


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I use a Sony SZ220 which has a nvidia 7400go and an intergrated gma 945. Since the nvidia really isn't all that reliable (and supported) I want to use the Intel 945. Now neither the 900 patch nor the 950 on the JaS (10.4.8) seem to work, both produce a weird white / black pattern from the first time I boot.


I installed osx w/o the gma patches and it works, but i can't up the resolution to 1280x800 ('?video' says nothing above 1024x640; expanding the screen in the bios doesn't do anything either). I just tried to use a 'appleintellntergratedframebuffer.kext' from a 10.4.3 release, which doesn't work either. It also gives me that weird blurry white / blackish screen right after the grey apple screen after booting.


i appreciate all the advice i can get, martin

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