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Fix OSX booting problem on Laptops

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Hu, i had this problem and struggled a lot so i would like to do my part for the community:


You try to install and everythings blue


you are installing JaS OSx86 on a laptop (in this case the Gateway M280), the installation DVD will boot and you will see first a grey screen with the animating symbol on it, and then you will see a blue screen with the mouse on it. But for some reason after the blue screen comes up it will stay there forever, no matter if you leave the installer alone for hours. You will probably think several things at this moment:Am I doing something wrong?

Is the downloaded ISO corrupted?

Did it burn correctly?

Does my PC support this install DVD?


… And many other questions that I did not asked myself when I got stuck at this point.











Many thanks to the autohor of this guide [adapted from]



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Dear Lord! That is one important trick to remember! I almost trashed my laptop trying everything but this simple solution!

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Good to hear!

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