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Dual Boot


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I need some help. I installed osx86 natively, on the first parttion of my disk. Next I installed XP on the rest of the disk. XP booted fine, altough it says the HDD is e:\. When I set the OSX86 partition active it boots also, but i don't get the boot screen, asking me to boot windows or OSX. It goes straight into the gray spalsh screen. When i change boot.plist to disable quiet boot en graphics at startup I still don't get the options screen. When OSX is fully booted, it does recognize the NTFS partition.


I also tried using chain(), on the windows partition (with that partition active), but the i get an windows error message (not from chain() ), stating that the partition or disk couldn't be found. (I tried it in boot.ini using all possible drive letters (c,d and e).


Does anyone know how to get the OSX bootloader options?



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