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dell 690 compatiblity with osx86 and pro appz?

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Hi i need to get a FCP workstation, but a well configred macpro is a bit too pricey for me.


I was able to find an amazing deal on a dell, its a Precision 690 2.66ghz quadcore with 8 gigs of ram 4 146GB 15K SAS drives and a QuadroFX4600


I know the CPU and chipset should match well with the current builds of OSX but could i boot from a SAS drive with OSX? (i could put in a SATA drive if i had to)

also anyone know how well the QuadroFX4600 runs on OSX if at all?


I need a rocksoild setup for FCP and other Pro Appz.

Would i be able to get a stable preforming OSX setup with this dell box???



thanks in advance



anyone know if i could boot into an osx partition thats on an External Sata drive?

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