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Dual Booting Question

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Hey everyone. So now that I've got OS X working on VMWare, I'd like to use the guide found on this site to actually install it onto a separate partition.


Like I've mentioned in another topic, I've got an Inspiron 9300 with 1.6 GHZ, ATI Mobility Radeon X300 (I know I'll need to do some work to get that working perfectly), Sigmatel C-Major Audio, 40 Gig Hard Drive, and 512 MB of RAM.


My question is basically: Will this work?


My plan is to use Partition Magic to split up my hard drive into 2 partitions, one with Windows that's about 14 gigs, and one for OS X with 22 gigs of space (a Primary partition, I believe). After that, I would go into VMWare and follow the instructions to install OS X on the 2nd partition, and when it's been installed, I use WinGrub to make a loader to choose between the two, and then restart my computer.


I was thinking that once I turned on my computer, I could choose between Windows and OS X and everything would be fine.


Am I crazy or could this really work?

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Hi Butt:


I've been running Dual Boot with Windows and Mac OS X for some time. When you use Mac OS X DVD-ROM, you can use Disk Utility to create partitions for Mac OS X and Windows. [Make sure you backup your drive because this will wipe out everything on it] After installing Mac OS X, you can use Darwin's Boot Loader to choose which Partition (OS) you would like to go to.


--danyel :(

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This was my first choice, but I don't have a DVD drive.


Using PartitionMagic to repartition so you don't lose data is a good idea. Use PTEDIT32.exe (undocumented in your \Program Files\PartionMagic folder) to change the partition you create to type AF. Then use OS X disk utility to erase (and reformat) your intended partition, not partition the whole drive.


BootMagic boots OSX 10.4.8 nicely, so you don't need grub.


The only question is if your hardware is supported. You haven't told us enough to answer that.

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