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VISTA Wrong Time


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This will fix the time sync problem you have between Vista and OSx86


Use the REGEDIT program to modify the interval between time syncs.




The interval is set in the Registry in keys...







in field: SpecialPollInterval




The value is in seconds.




The default as delivered by Vista is 7 days, which works out to a value of 60 * 60 * 24 * 7, or 604800 (in decimal). That's 0x00093A80 in hex.




Change this value to your new interval, expressed in seconds. For example, 60 * 60 * 24, or 86400 (in decimal) for 1 day.


{I used 3600 in decimal which is every hour, it was the only way to keep Vista from resetting my time incorrectly --- then RESTART}



I don't know how ControlSet001 differs from ControlSet002 differs from CurrentControlSet. Maybe the ControlSetxxx names go beyond 002 on other systems. Better minds will have to make that determination. I just changed all 3 locations.




To verify that this works:




Before making any change, go to the time setting dialog (right click on the time of day in the system tray, as an admin userid). Make a note of when the next sync will take place for "Internet time". It will be

somewhere between 0 and 7 days from now on a standard unmodified system, depending on how long the system has been up.




Ask for a new sync of internet time.




Look at the next scheduled sync time. Now it will be 7 days into the future.




Now, using REGEDIT, change the value in the Registry to your desired interval, in all the keys you find (my system has 3).




Repeat the experiment of re-syncing the internet time. You should now see that the next sync time corresponds to your new setting.




Have fun.




OR try this:

Copy and paste the following into NOTEPAD

SAVE as a reg file (NOT TXT but REG)

RUN the file you created


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




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CurrentControlSet points to one of the ControlSets, and by editing the CurrentcontrolSet you also edit that. The other ControlSet is the "Last Known Good Configuration" and is copied over after successful boot.

In HKLM/System/select you will find which one is in effect, but this is not necessary to know in this case. And there can be also ControlSet003 and 004.

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