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uphuck 10.4.9 v1.4i r2 problem


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hi guys.. i have a little problem with my osx.

i try to find the ways to solve that problem but still dont get the answer. its little hard for me to understand it. maybe any other easy ways to fix it.


here is my problems.


1. can't boot if usb is enable on BIOS setting.

- i got something like this:


USBF: 21.819 AppleUSBOHCI[0x22fd000]: :uiminitialize unable to get device memory


- otherwise, when i disable the usb at BIOS and reboot, its ok. boot well. but i cant attach any usb device even my ipod and external hdd. :(


2.0. My 2nd HDD not detected by OSX

- i have installed osx on my system before but it crashed when i trying to patch the graphic card driver. before its crashed, i can see the hdd on the Finder and listen music from there.

But, when i reinstalled this osx, i can't see any other hdd again except all partition from MAXTOR one.

- i have 3 hdds.


2.1. Maxtor 40gb ATA (set as primary master)

- 20gb for Windows Xp NTFS- (i named it BAD WINDOWS)

- 10gb for OSX - - (as MAC OS X TIGER)

- 10gb as FAT32 (i called this BRIDGE DISK, so i sync any files that i make on xp or osx)


2.2. Western Digital 80gb S-ATA - Documents

2.3. Western Digital 160gb S-ATA - Movies and Videos etc...


3. this is optional. CI and QE not supported. i've use Sapphire ATIX1600PRO 256MB. otherwise, i dont have any trouble with this.



my system:


Mac OS 10.4.9 uphuck v1.4i r2


Intel PentiumD - with SSE2 SSE3 AMT64

Intel D102GGC2 Desktop Board


SAPPHIRE ATIX1600PRO 256MB (no QE/CI support yet...)



Anyone can help? ;)

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OK go into your Bios (This isn't VMware i hope)


Go to the place where you would set boot order


Enable the hard drive first and then drop the Hrad drive list down (EXPAND IT)

there should be your USB , if its there set it to boot first and then retry


USB boot is called "External Boot"


PS. uphuck is the best version, after 5 long days on my laptop of fixing probelms it runs faster than a mac!!


Good luck

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by the way, last night i try to reformat it again. start from delete the OSX Tiger Partition and create Fat32 for it, make the partition 'active' and reboot it again to reinstalling.


then, in this utilities, i got all my harddisk appears. so, i think i do the right thing. so, after finishing the installing, i can see all my hdd mounting on Finder. so lucky. :wink: ;)

maybe my osx before got panic with some patches that i click on that.


so the second major problem is settle. i can play around all my hdd.


but, still. i cannot boot to the OSX if enable the usb on my BIOS. anyone can help?

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